19th October 2014

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The Vinland Runestone. →


So, this past week Chase went out exploring along the sea shore of the area he lives in. Along the shore was found the rune stone described by this website: http://norumbegavinland.wordpress.com/

It was quite the discovery. The fact that there is a rune stone in Nova Scotia is fantastic.

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27th March 2014

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Let’s call this the “weak Antisingularity hypothesis” - the idea that technical progress and social progress are uncorrelated, and may even run in opposite directions.

The weak Antisingularity hypothesis doesn’t mean the Singularity won’t happen. What it means is that technical progress has overcome the declining trends in Western society. Perhaps in the absence of the Industrial Revolution, the experience of late Antiquity would have been revisited, and Uzbek horsemen would be cantering across the ruins of Paris. But we do have the steam engines, the SUVs and HDTVs, and we will have the Singularity. Exponential technical acceleration has broken the savage cycle of history.

Unfortunately, there’s also a “strong Antisingularity hypothesis.” The strong Antisingularity hypothesis suggests that the coincidence of technical progress and social decay is not, in fact, a coincidence. It’s actually a case of cause and effect.

It’s very easy for technical progress to cause social decay. Evolution designed humans to compete in a variety of brutally selective environments. When robots - or Helots - do all the work, why bother? We can just sit on the couch, play XBox 360, smoke green bud and masturbate frantically. Idiocracy beckons.

If technical progress actually causes social and political decay, Mike Judge is an optimist. What happens when the Singularity really approaches, but it’s not quite here yet? When the curve of technology is almost vertical, but not yet infinite? “Damn, yo.”

What the strong Antisingularity hypothesis suggests is that we haven’t escaped the cyclical pattern at all. We are just in an unprecedentedly steep upcycle. The Uzbeks may yet water their horses in the Seine - if there are any Uzbeks left. Or horses, for that matter.
— Mencius Moldbug (via laofmoonster)

23rd March 2014

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18th March 2014

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blackhouse ruins, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

blackhouse ruins, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

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17th March 2014

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Gärten und Straßen | Ernst Jünger


Gärten und StraßenErnst Jünger

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17th March 2014

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Monestry Maulbronn

17th March 2014

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'98 - '13

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13th March 2014

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Mens sana in corpore sano: this ancient saying has never felt more true as it does in our age of decay and degeneration. We have severed the bonds of blood and abandonded the rural soil. Thus, we have become ill and tainted, sick in body and mind.
I believe that a return to the land, to our…

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13th March 2014

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Short film about our two weeks trek through the Jura range with our yaks in spring 2013.”

This is really sublime

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26th February 2014

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With no significant political forces opposing the conversion of our world into a universal marketplace, the conflict of our time is the struggle to retain one’s humanity in an increasingly artificial world. That is the only battle that retains any genuine significance from a traditional perspective.
— Julius Evola, The Metaphysics of War (via hierarchical-aestheticism)

21st February 2014

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What shall I become when this body is dead and gone?
A tall, thick pine tree on the highest peak of Bongraesan,
Evergreen alone when white snow covers the whole world.
—  Seong Sam-munKorean death poem (성삼문·1418–1456)

21st February 2014

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The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.
Marcus Aurelius (via silencemadenietzschecry)

21st February 2014

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…the moment we have a fixed heart we have a free hand.
— G.K. Chesterton (via semper-spes-est)

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21st February 2014

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Umberto D. — Vittorio De Sica, 1952

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19th February 2014

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